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"I have applied the skills I learned from the workshop in my day-to-day work and the improvement in my speech rate and pronunciation was instantly picked up by my boss."
Health Information Analyst, ISD Scotland

Where Voice Coaching Can Help

Where Voice Coaching Can Help

Public speaking
Business pitches
Video streaming
Call centres
Conference calls
Customer care
People management

Because voice coaching involves focusing on individual needs, I provide one-to-one tuition or workshops for up to six people.

Here are just some of the situations to which voice coaching can be applied:

Presenting and representing
Progressing to higher levels of management often brings with it the need to speak to groups of employees, clients or industry peers. Many managers are selected because of their technical expertise and intimate knowledge of their businesses rather than their natural ability as presenters or public speakers. The good news is that presenters are made, not born. I have worked successfully with senior executives, managers and people preparing for promotion to enhance their skills as presenters and representatives of their organisations.

Running effective meetings
Ineffective meetings waste time and money. Training your employees to communicate effectively means that people are less likely to leave a meeting wondering what it was all about. Working with a FTSE 100 company, I recently developed a training programme specialising in this area which proved very popular with participants.

Pitches and negotiations
You know what you want to say, your presentation pack looks great and you have attended negotiation skills courses. But convincing your audience is also about how you say things, engage people and respond to their questions.

Talking heads online
The internet has dramatically increased the importance of the spoken word. Online presentations and video streaming are increasingly common, and the audience can dispel you with the click of a mouse. Working on a one-to-one basis, I provide coaching in how to deliver engaging, natural and fluent on-camera performances.

Telephone calls and conferences
When you are on the phone, your voice is doing all the work; there are no visual clues to influence your audience. Vocal training for communication by phone can be tailored to address the specific needs of call centres, telesales staff or phone conferencing.

Social situations and networking
Socialising is a vital part of corporate events. Your voice is an essential part of how you make contact with others and engage with them - and how you disengage from them.

Global English
In an increasingly interconnected world, many companies employ non-native speakers of English or use English as their lingua franca. Ensuring that your employees communicate effectively with your customers and each other is essential in reaping the full benefits of globalisation.