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"Hanover (Scotland) is very pleased to endorse the quality and effectiveness of your one-to-one executive voice coaching."
Helen Murdoch, Chief Executive

Public Speaking with Marion Scott in Edinburgh

About Marion Scott

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Founder of Edinburgh-based Make Yourself Heard, I have over 10 years' experience of coaching actors, business people and private individuals to make themselves heard.

Having worked with corporate clients across the UK, I have developed a strong reputation for helping people to communicate effectively to achieve their desired impact.

As a voice lecturer and coach at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, I prepare drama students physically for the technical demands that acting will place on their voices, together with the practicalities of engaging audiences and communicating ideas and emotions. I am regularly invited to provide voiceovers for radio and television.

Unusually among voice coaches, I also have more than a decade's experience of sales and marketing in industry, giving me insights into the everyday situations and challenges of communication in business.

The techniques that I teach can be used anywhere, but I have found they are particularly suited to private and public professions, such as finance, marketing, law, government, education and medicine.

Voice and presence are my passion. No two voices or bodies are alike, so each new assignment brings fresh challenges that call for a personalised approach to voice coaching.