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"Staff who have benefited from your voice coaching feel that they have been given a very real and practical skill."
Helen Murdoch, Chief Executive, Hanover (Scotland) Housing

One-to-One Coaching and Workshops in Edinburgh

Benefits to You

Public speaking
Business pitches
Video streaming
Call centres
Conference calls
Customer care
People management

Whether you are interested in tailored one-to-one tuition or a workshop for up to six people. I make an initial assessment of the objectives that you wish to achieve and aim to identify other areas that could be addressed.

Each coaching programme is structured for your specific needs. These may include leadership development, voice workouts, improving voice quality, increasing volume and impact, enhancing presence and audience engagement, retaining the attention of your audience, improving listening skills and raising confidence.

Some vocal techniques will produce noticeable changes in how you communicate and present yourself. Others are far more subtle, but nonetheless powerful in their impact. Your audience is unlikely to be aware of many of the techniques you will learn, but will still respond to them.