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Communicate with Confidence

Communicate with Confidence

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Communication is a key part of what
most of us do for a living.

For many of us it is what we do for a living, but in an age of internet, email and SMS it's easy to forget that speech is still fundamental to how we communicate.

The chances are that your work involves one or more of the following: giving presentations, participating in meetings, making phone calls, speaking to groups of people or attending social events.

In all these situations you use your voice in an impressive array of ways, such as imparting information, negotiating, leading, persuading, motivating, delivering a business pitch, explaining concepts or agreeing a course of action.

Now, with the increasing importance of business communication skills, more employers recognise that vocal techniques can be applied usefully and profitably in a wide variety of situations across their organisations.

That's where Make Yourself Heard can help. I am a professional voice coach, who helps people to use their unique voice and presence to get their message across through clear, compelling speech that is appropriate for different types of business and social situations.

Based in Edinburgh and covering the whole of the UK, Make Yourself Heard can make a world of difference to your presentations, public speaking, business pitches, meetings and dealings with people in general. Through voice coaching, I can help you to engage your audience through confident and impressive communication.